Environment is a part and parcel of living things in general and human beings in particular. Hence for their well being and environmental balance its preservation and protection is of vital importance. Environmental degradation can very badly affect all living things coupled with human beings in particular. Environment can have economic aspects, which are neglected in the studies in main stream economics and its branches. This necessitates studying Economics of Environment as an Elective paper at post graduate level. The prime objective of this paper is to well equip the students regarding economic aspects of environment and development. 

Students who complete their post graduation in economics are mentally equipped to pursue research in the same discipline. It is generally accepted that the research is nothing but the extension and application of knowledge in a certain specialized field. Therefore regular and external students who do their post graduation will be given an opportunity to get exposed to a few elements of social science research. Elementary knowledge of research methodology shall consolidate and deepen their understanding of various branches of Economics. 

Growth and Development is one of the most important areas of economic exploration in the last 50-60 years. Although relatively recent in origin this subject occupies a significant position in economic theory and practice. India being a developing country, this subject becomes extremely relevant for both teachers and students. The syllabus of Semester IV includes the practical aspects of the process of growth and development – including the role of agriculture and industry, external trade and resource mobilization and the role of the state and the markets. 

Macroeconomics or aggregative economics analyses and establishes the functional relationship between the large aggregates. The aggregate analysis has assumed such a great significance in recent times that a prior understanding of macroeconomic theoretical structure is considered essential for the proper comprehension of the different issues and policies. Macroeconomics now is not only a scientific method of analysis; but also a body of empirical economic knowledge. The paper entitled “Macro Economics equips the students at the postgraduate level to understand systemic facts and latest theoretical developments for empirical analysis.